Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Hurt?

Pain is subjective and varies person to person. However, we do our best to make sure your procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Will I Have to Remove My Eybrow Hair or Grow My Eyebrow Hair Out?

We ask that you come with groomed eyebrows, as we will only remove hair that falls outside of the agreed upon eyebrow shape. Growing out hair prior to appointment is not necessary, but can help the procedure appear more natural.

How are My Eyebrow Shape and Color Determined?

We believe in eyebrow harmony. Therefore I do not use eyebrow templates or drawing systems that would result in a cookie-cutter brow shape. Your shape is hand drawn to fit your anatomy, personality, and lifestyle. The color is mixed to match as closely to your natural hair as possible. We value your input in this process.

How Often Will I Need Touch Ups?

Every body is different and will heal depending on their lifestyle, daily routines and medication. Typically one touch up is needed 4-8 weeks from the initial appointment and annually for vibrancy. Occasionally due to boldness preference, aftercare or lifestyle clients may need additional touch ups beyond the initial touch up. Clients are responsible for these touch ups unless stated otherwise.

Will My Brow Hair Stop Growing?

When done correctly, permanent makeup does not interfere with brow hair growth. Regular grooming will still be needed and recommended.

Do You Take Care Credit?

Yes we do accept care credit.

Are You Licensed and Legal to Work in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has the highest standards for permanent makeup in the nation. We adhere to all state regulations, hold current licenses, insurance, and we travel extensively to seek additional certifications.

Is it Safe?

We take every measure to provide you with a clean and safe procedure. We only use top materials, pigments, and disposable tools.