Semi-Permanent Lip Enhancement is a breakthrough procedure, eliminating all the side effects of lip tattooing. This technology is a system that creates youthful, symmetrical lips. It lasts up to three years so as your skin ages you have the option of redesigning the shape of your lips to create a more youthful look as well as enhance or change color. Lips play a significant role in our physical and emotional life—the lips are one of the first things to look at, they surround your smile and exude your attractiveness, youthfulness, and even kissability.

What Happens During the Procedure?

  • STEP 1: THE DESIGN: Your lips will be designed based on your personal style. Detailed measurements are taken and your lips are penciled on for your approval. Your lips can be completely reshaped and made fuller.
  • STEP 2: THE COLOR: We will help choose the most natural looking color for you. Our colors are custom blended, non-toxic, and are made from natural mineral-based pigments.
  • STEP 3: PIGMENTATION: Our equipment uses a single acupuncture needle that gently vibrates on the dermal layers of the skin depositing a mineral based pigment into the skin. A pigment is precisely applied in thin layers until the ideal color and shape are achieved creating a completely natural look. During the first session, we go slowly. Less is more. This session is about getting a nice base started and the fine-tuning takes place in the second appointment.
  • STEP 4: THE TOUCH-UP: 6 weeks after your first session you’ll return for a touch-up appointment to review the color and shape with your technician and make adjustments if needed to ensure that you have the look that you wanted to achieve.